The Gold Standard of Pricing and Packaging

The Problem Today:
SaaS startups need an "Enterprise-Ready, Startup-Friendly" solution to design and iterate on pricing and packaging but there isn't a solution out there to easily serve early stage companies.

Many startups resort to using a billing tool like Stripe or Excel to design and manage pricing and packaging, which isn't seamlessly connected to sales workflows such as negotiating legal terms, deal shaping, contracting, invoicing, and payments.

The Pain: Companies fail to adapt quickly to market signals and oftentimes avoid making critical pricing and packaging changes that align to buyers. Changing pricing in multiple systems and updating workflows lead to more costs and confusion. This results in draining founders of their precious time, throwing more bodies to the problem, and loosing deals.

The Solution: Build on top of an enterprise-ready, startup-friendly pricing and packaging solution that helps your RevOps team design and iterate on pricing, and seamlessly powering quoting, checkout, billing, and payments and customer management.

Willem Butler
"Pricing and packaging is so integral to the success of a SaaS startup. Salesbricks' pricing and packaging infrastructure allows companies to quickly design, iterate and centralized all pricing logic in one place. Closing deals, getting paid, and managing subscription and usage-based customers become so much easier."

John Louis Swaine, CTO @ Salesbricks
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