The past, present, and future
of software sales

If you're checking us out, you're probably someone dealing with the old way of selling software. Endless spreadsheets, or maybe an outdated Configure Price Quote (CPQ) system. While these tools are widely used, they slow down revenue. Even worse, many startups are picking up the bad habit of quoting "on paper" (PDFs), which creates headaches down the road when managing customer subscriptions and growth. To understand why things are the way they are, let’s take a quick trip to the past.

Shortly after on-premise software became an industry, CPQ was born. Implementations were costly but competition was scarce and sales cycles took 12 - 24 months, so there was no sense of urgency. CPQ was terrific at first and got the job done. People used their CPQ to price and package products, generated quotes that were printed, signed with ink, notarized and mailed. Or if you were on the cutting edge, faxed your contracts back-and-forth.

The advent cloud changed the game. COVID changed the game again, accelerating the transformation to buying products online. Software buyers today are more informed and moving faster, with 80%, on average, of the decision-making happening before contacting sales. Buyers are looking to try-before-they-buy; validating with a trial before getting other stakeholders involved.

What worked before isn’t working now. The classic sales process is too slow and high-touch, requiring huge time investments from buyer and seller alike. Old CPQs can’t keep up with their lengthy implementations and high maintenance, slowing down companies big and small.

Enter Jonathan Festejo and John Louis (JL) Swaine. After living the pain of selling software the old way and managing over $2 billion in SaaS contracts, they vowed to build a world without the need to endure antiquated CPQs or error-prone spreadsheets! In 2021, Jon and JL quit their jobs and created Salesbricks, looking to leverage their years of sales-operations and engineering experience.

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Salesbricks understands the future of sales, from serving different types of buyers to having multiple go-to-market strategies. As the first Product Revenue Optimization™ (PRO) Platform, we’re built to price and package, quote, e-sign, bill, upsell, and renew all in one place. Want to sell subscriptions or usage? No problem. Maybe you need tiered pricing or a ramping deal? We got you covered. No matter how complex your pricing or how you go to market, our platform is relentlessly optimized to be as delightful for the buyer as it is for the seller.

Your valuation looks brighter with Salesbricks.