Free SaaS quote template (to close more deals)

What is a SaaS quote template?

A SaaS quote is a dynamic document that software companies send to prospects. The document lists products, prices, and other offer details. Modern quotes are interactive, letting clients configure their order in real-time. 

A SaaS quote template lets companies create and send out SaaS quotes quickly and easily. It’s a standard feature in Quote-to-Cash software like Salesbricks as well as legacy CPQ software. 

The 3 types of SaaS price quote templates are...

  • Software-based (like Salesbricks)
  • Spreadsheet-based
  • Document-based

Competitive pricing strategies can come in many forms, a business can choose to always be the cheapest of their competitors or always offer the average price of the highest and lowest priced competitors

A competitive pricing strategy is a price-setting that is based on your competitors’ prices. This pricing method focuses solely on the prices of your competitors that are public, but it does not take into account how much customers value the product or production costs.

A strong competitive pricing model is based on thorough market research. When you know how the prices of your top competitors in your market and how those prices might meet customer expectations, you have a basis for determining the rates of the prices of your own products or services. Competitive pricing strategies can come in many forms, a business can choose to always be the cheapest of their competitors or always offer the average price of the highest and lowest priced competitors - they all count as competitive pricing strategies.

Why use a SaaS price quote template?

There are several good reasons to use templates, here are some we believe are pretty important:

Gain Marketshare and increase revenue
Position your products compared to competitors
Analyse the pricing of competitors and learn

Save time for sales teams: Creating quotes manually can take hours, while using a template can take just a few minutes. This allows your sales team to focus more on doing things that move the needle. 

Maintain consistency: Manually created quotes can be plain, prone to errors, and confusing. Templates ensure your quotes are consistently well-made, helping you win more business.

Customization: Your potential customers want quotes they can easily customize themselves. With a platform like Salesbricks, they can select the options they need and purchase without any hassle.

Automatic quote generation: A quoting tool connected to your price list and product catalog will fill in the details automatically. It can also update information like product names and prices, saving your sales team from having to do this manually.

With Salesbricks, you can quickly create quotes that offer:

  • Easy-to-read pricing and terms
  • An attractive layout with key information easy to find
  • URL-based quotes that only need an internet connection
  • The ability to collect signatures and process payments directly from the quote page
  • And much more!

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Gain Marketshare and increase revenue
Position your products compared to competitors
Analyse the pricing of competitors and learn

SaaS proposal template vs. SaaS quote template

SaaS proposals and SaaS quotes both show products, prices, and terms. What's the difference?

A SaaS proposal is used early in the customer journey to provide prospects with detailed information about your product and move them further into the sales process. It showcases your clients, case studies, and more to promote your product.

A SaaS proposal is typically a slide deck or text document that can be copied, edited, and reused. These templates are:

  • Static: created once and don’t need to be interactive for customers. 
  • Idea-focused: made to present detailed information, including features and their benefits.
  • Design-driven: made to help market and sell products, focusing on design and appearance
  • Broad and comprehensive: cover processes, deliverables, pricing, and more to guide customers towards a purchase decision

SaaS quotes come after proposals and indications of interest. They summarize essential details that potential buyers need to make a decision, such as prices, quantities, features, and terms. Modern sales quotes are interactive, allowing customers to make changes on their own.

SaaS quotes are:

  • Rich in interactive features: Allow buyers to edit products, quantities, and more dynamically, with features like quantity sliders that update prices automatically
  • Feature-driven: focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, integrating with Easy-sign and payment processing software
  • Price-focused: Clearly display price tiers, add-on pricing, and other costs so customers know what they're paying for
  • Short and concise: Provide all the information customers need to make a purchase on a single screen

TLDR: a proposal is like your sales page, presenting detailed information about your product, while a quote is like your pre-checkout page, summarizing what customers are buying and what they're paying for.

What are the 5 elements of a winning SaaS quote?

Winning software quotes tend to have the same 5 elements. Here’s what they are:

  • Products: Clearly state the products you offer, their duration, and their prices.
  • Billing terms: Explain the different billing options you provide and how they vary.
  • Add-ons: List any additional features, services, or licenses that customers can choose, along with what's included in each option.
  • Terms: Describe the terms and conditions of using your product, as well as the payment terms for clients.
  • Interactive fields: Ensure clients can configure the product themselves and provide enough forms, fields, and other interactive elements on the page.

A quote that includes all these features helps customers easily understand what they're getting and what they're paying for, reducing friction and making it simpler for them to make immediate purchase decisions.

Choosing the right pricing model for your SAAS business

Aside from the pricing model type, you must consider many other factors. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding what model works best for your business:

  • Customer base and target market:
    What are they looking for?
  • Competition: What are the other
    companies in your market doing?
  • Value proposition: How much value
    can you offer for each pricing option?
  • Product and pricing strategy: Which pricing model aligns with your business goals?
  • Van Westendorp model: Do you know your customer's willingness to pay for your product?

Don’t worry about choosing the wrong pricing model. The idea isn’t to do a perfect job; it’s to do the best job possible.

Once you have launched your product and corresponding pricing model, never stop testing, gathering feedback, and analyzing data. This way, you’ll always be in a good position to switch to a better pricing model.

Three types of SaaS quote templates

There are three main types of software quote templates: spreadsheet-based, document-based, and software-based. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so let's break them down:

Document-based templates

These templates are essentially documents that need to be copied and filled in manually.

While they can be created quickly and affordably, they may look unprofessional, error-prone, and difficult to revise. It's best to avoid document-based templates if possible.

Spreadsheet-based templates

Built in programs like Excel or Google Sheets, these templates often have price books and product lists in separate tabs, with the quote page pulling data from them.

Although they're inexpensive to create and maintain, they come with several drawbacks:

  • Spreadsheets are often time-consuming and error-prone
  • Quotes are unattractive and confusing
  • Access control is challenging
  • Integration with CRM, payment processing, and quote collection is difficult

While spreadsheet-based templates are better than document-based ones, they're still not ideal. Avoid them if possible.

Software-based templates

These templates, like those offered by Salesbricks, automatically generate and populate quotes based on various inputs, such as price points, quantities, terms, add-ons, and more. Software-based templates are the best choice in the cloud era because:

  • Fast and user-friendly for both sales reps and customers
  • Interactive and visually appealing
  • Much more accurate, less mistakes
  • Allow for quick generation of shareable URL-based quotes

Software-based templates are the way to go in the cloud era. They are fast and easy to use for sales reps and customers alike. They are interactive and beautiful. And with Salesbricks, you can do all of this on day one.

Let’s wrap up…

  • There are 9 main pricing models to choose from in SaaS. User-based, custom, hybrid, feature-based, freemium, tiered, flat rate, usage-based, and inverse pricing.
  • Pricing models need to make you money, keep clients happy, and increase your appeal in the marketplace
  • The pricing model you use can (and likely will) change over time. Make a choice now, but be prepared to change your mind later

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