Send Quotes & Invoices in Minutes with Salesbricks

Accelerate your software sales cycle with automated, hands-off quoting and invoicing.

A Better Way to Send Quotes and Invoices

Streamlined Quote Creation

Be the easiest to buy from. Use Salesbricks to generate fast, accurate quotes at scale. Make your quotes interactive to help self-serve customers and enable product-led cadences. 

Automated Invoicing

Make recurring payments easy. Have Salesbricks manage your billing on autopilot. Make invoices accurate, on schedule, and easy for clients to understand and pay. 

Collect Payments Instantly

Use our Stripe integration to process secure payments in seconds. Help customers store billing information for easy, safe recurring payments with a trusted processor. 

Eliminate Human Error

Prevent mistakes and ensure accuracy with automated quotes and invoices. Reconcile line item data and customer data automatically, eliminating human error and keeping invoices accurate.

Impress with Customized Branding

Highlight your brand identity by personalizing quotes and invoices to match your company's unique look and feel. Customize colors, logos, and text across your outbound messaging.

Integrate With Popular Apps

Use Salesbricks’ integrations with Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM, Quickbooks, and other platforms. Automate record-keeping, gain deeper data insights, and create a cohesive digital environment for your team. 

Create Winning Quotes to Scale Your Sales

Sell at scale by creating beautiful quotes in minutes. All quotes are URL-based, making them easy for prospects to view while reducing time-wasting back-and-forth. Make more money and reduce friction while delighting prospects! 

  • Customize pricing, packaging, trials, and rate cards with ease
  • Let customers choose options and features with our open quote feature
  • Create self-serve quotes to enable product-led cadences
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Streamline Operations and Exceed Client Expectations

Nothing simplifies revenue collection like automated, visually appealing, and easy-to-read invoices. Use Salesbricks to generate them automatically and scale your business. Add custom branding elements and tailored messaging to impress clients. Never worry about missing a payment again.

  • Invoice for any number of subscriptions (and subscription types) automatically
  • Change subscriptions based on upsells, cross-sells, renewals, and more in four easy clicks
  • Integrate with your CRM to track payments and predict future revenue accurately
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Effortlessly Collect Signatures and Payments

Getting your client to sign on the dotted line is now easier than ever. Easy-Sign ® is built into the Salesbricks system, letting you collect signatures on quotes and invoices securely. After signatures are collected, you can process payments seamlessly using our Stripe integration… Then receive recurring payments automatically with no further action.

  • Collect signatures quickly with Easy-Sign ®
  • Accept funds using a variety of methods (and most world currencies) using Stripe
  • Automate recurring payments to make sure you’re always paid on time
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Stay on Top of Your Finances

Salesbricks gives you real-time reports on income, cash flow, and more. You always know exactly where your business stands. Track revenue and match it to usage and subscriptions for valuable insights. Use our Quickbooks and Xero integrations to ensure tax compliance. Or connect Salesbricks to CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot to gather all your financial data in one place.

  • Gather financial data across all integrated platforms automatically.
  • Connect to bookkeeping and CRM software and automate financial workflows across your entire software ecosystem.
  • Take full control of your finances and take data-driven steps to fuel growth
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Focus Your Efforts Elsewhere

Minimize tedious, repetitive tasks using our automations. Create quotes in minutes with minimal touches; process signatures and payments automatically; have Salesbricks manage subscriptions, entitlements, and more by itself. Free up your team to focus on what matters: creating product and driving sales. 

  • Create quotes in minutes and sell at scale with minimum effort
  • Leverage automation for effortless invoicing and subscription management in a fraction of the time
  • Manage subscriptions and entitlements automatically
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do quotes and invoices look like?

Salesbricks' invoices are tailored to each customer. You can customize them with branding elements like logos and personalized messaging, making them visually appealing and easy to read! Whether your quotes and invoices are sales-led, sales-assisted, or self-service – rest assured they'll look great.

Note that our quotes can be open or closed. Open quotes are interactive, meaning products and unit quantities can be adjusted on the fly. With just one URL link, your prospects can review your quote, customize it, and sign off on it as needed. In contrast, closed quotes are locked. All customers can do is review before signing and paying. 

Can I customize my invoice and quote templates to match my brand?

We understand your brand image is important, and that's why we make customizing documents easy. With Salesbricks, you can add logos and customized messaging to all sales collateral. Going this extra mile can make all the difference in winning more customers. The impressive, true-to-brand visuals can also help increase customer loyalty and retention – a real win-win.

What integrations does the software support for accounting and CRM software?

We offer seamless integrations with popular CRM and accounting software. That means you can streamline operations across teams, from sales to finance and customer support. Better still, you can transfer data across all integrated platforms for informed decision-making and scalability. Popular integrations include Quickbooks, Xero, HubSpot, and Salesforce.