Certified Secure

salesbricks follows world class security best practices and we are committed to going above and beyond the security expectations of our partners.


Our platform is built on mature, enterprise-grade technology stacks hosted across multiple premier cloud vendors. Strictly monitored and audited security policies are at the heart of all our operations.


For secure transactions with high availability and throughput, we use AWS as our compute layer and database management host.

We use Kubernetes to provide secrets management as well as to guarantee extensive availability at scale.

Access Control

Using VPCs, VPNs and strict ingress control combined with fine grained user permissioning, access to the salesbricks platform is tightly controlled. Interaction with our running services is heavily automated to mitigate human error, and we mandate the use of Multi-Factor Authentication across all control surfaces.


We force TLS 1.3 for all incoming and outgoing network traffic.

We use Linode and AWS’s S3 Object Storage and a managed Postgres DB to store our data. All data is encrypted at rest and accessible only with a validly signed request.

Development practices

We provide mandatory security awareness training for all our staff members so that every engineer is empowered to enforce and extend our security practices.

All our code is reviewed with mandatory security passes as well as automated testing provided by our CI/CD integrations. Automated security update alerts keep the whole team up to date with information about vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery, Backups and Business Continuity

We are committed to providing continuous and uninterrupted service to all our customers and partners. All data is replicated and our systems infrastructure is built with multiple redundancies to provide rolling fail-overs in case of hardware issues.