Subscription Management Made Easy with Salesbricks

Automate the entire subscription lifecycle; focus on scaling your business and improving your product

A Better Way to Manage Subscriptions

Manage Subscriptions

View, manage, and change subscriptions on-the-fly. Upgrade, renew, recast, and cancel subscriptions with just a few clicks.

Automate Your Operations

Put subscription management on autopilot. Automate billing and invoicing, entitlements, and payment processing. Manage your whole subscription lifecycle in just a few clicks.

Push Data to Your CRM

Automatically push subscription data to HubSpot or Salesforce CRMs. Create new quotes in your CRM or in Salesbricks.

Collect Recurring Payments

Make subscription payments effortless. Use our Stripe integration to store customer payment data safely. Make recurring payment easy for more predictable cash flows & happy customers.

Leverage Data to Scale Your Business

Get advanced insights. See usage data side-by-side your quoting engine.

Offer Flexible Subscription Packages

Offer any pricing model. Figure out your pricing and packaging in Salesbricks. Track versions as you iterate your pricing.

Simplify Subscription Management

Salesbricks built out all the subscription logic so you never have to calculate pro-rations, subscription recasts, and renewal math. Simply click a few buttons and send collaborative URL quotes in seconds.

  • Process upsells, cross-sells, renewals, and cancellations in four clicks
  • Out-of-the-box workflows to accelerate your revenue
  • Give the sales team time back to things that move the needle
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Boost Revenue by Automating Revenue Ops

Use Salesbricks to automate quote generation, signature collection, billing and invoicing, and payment processing. Be the easiest vendor to buy from and stay with. Create steady cash flows and never leave money on the table again without doing any more work.

  • Streamline your billing process with automated recurring invoices and easy payment processing
  • Make sure all invoices are accurate and on time; get notifications about failed payments so you can follow up with customers when needed.
  • Offer multiple payment options and currencies using our Stripe integration
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Use Our Seamless CRM Integrations

Integrate popular CRM platforms (HubSpot and Salesforce CRM) with Salesbricks in minutes. Push subscription data to other apps automatically without having to log or reconcile manually. Add Salesbricks' subscription management features to your current stack with ease.

  • Connect legacy tools to Salesbricks to create a single software ecosystem
  • Use data from multiple platforms for better insights on customer behavior
  • Bring advanced subscription management features to your CRM
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Manage Access & Entitlements Easily

Let Salesbricks hand out entitlements, i.e. access to software, based on subscription and payment status. Make sure users are getting exactly what they paid for at all times, freeing up your team and eliminating human error.

  • Control who can access your product based on subscription and payment data.
  • Make sure customers get what they’re paying for at all times
  • Maintain a real-time bridge between purchase data and product access without doing anything
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Salesbricks handle subscription management?

Salesbricks automates the entire subscription lifecycle. This includes onboarding, billing and invoicing, payments, and more. You can also manage subscriptions manually: a few clicks will upgrade, renew, recast, or cancel subscriptions in seconds! All of this means fewer manual processes and more time to work on your business. Our platform also lets you seamlessly connect subscriptions, billable events, and usage data to your billing flow to maximize revenue opportunities. You can even get Slack notifications as your customers make a payment or come across payment issues.

Can I customize quotes and invoices to match my branding?

Yes! With Salesbricks, you can customize invoices to match your branding. Add logos and personalized messaging to invoices, ensuring you project a professional image without customizing each quote manually. This lets you impress software subscribers with customized sales collateral time and time again.

How does Salesbricks ensure data security?

We take data security very seriously here at Salesbricks. All information is stored in an encrypted cloud-based infrastructure, and our platform complies with industry regulations and rules. You can rest assured that your customer data is safe and secure with us. For payments processed using our Stripe integration, payment data is hosted with Stripe: one of the most trusted financial services companies in the world.