Organize and track revenue in seconds.

Easily build complex pricing and packaging plans and stay on top of your billing, cash flow, and more with our powerful quote-to-cash solution.

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Salesbricks is like the Shopify for B2B SaaS, offering a complete solution to streamline transaction processes.

Avoid costly mistakes.

Stop wasting time fixing preventable errors in data, accounting, invoicing, contracts, order forms, and more.

Easily define and standardize your pricing and packaging and prevent sellers from inventing SKUs on the fly.

Remove all the complicated manual labor involved in structuring deals, subscription renewals, upsells, recasts, and more.

Track your vitals.

Gain full visibility into key company metrics, including ARR, cash collections, revenue waterfalls, and more.

Stay organized by easily tracking missed payments, generating ready-made documentation, and automating your billing.

Build a stronger business strategy by understanding your company's health at a glance.

Work better together.

Break down silos and frustrations between finance and sales teams by simplifying the final mile of your sales flow.

Better assist your sales team by creating flexible deal structures that are automatically billed correctly.

Accelerate your sales by speeding up sales flows, regulating pricing, and automating processes.

Easily integrate with all your favorite software.

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