SALESBRICKS FOR sales leaders
Speed through your deal cycles.

Shape deals painlessly, simplify your sales flow, generate invoices in seconds, discount with ease, and provide customers with a B2C-like buying experience.

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Ever since we started using Salesbricks, our team has been nailing it with closing deals at a quicker pace.

Close deals faster.

Accelerate your sales by speeding up sales flows, regulating pricing, and automating processes.

Shape deals painlessly with our CPQ alternative and make sure you don't lose out on winnable deals.

Let discounting be a strategy, not a headache. Apply one-time discounts easily while ensuring your billing is updated automatically.

Crush your quotas.

Increase contract values by effortlessly ramping your contracts.

Shorten your deal cycles by reducing unnecessary back-and-forth with your buyers.

Boost the performance of your entire team with a platform that significantly simplifies the final mile of your sales cycle.

Delight your buyers.

Provide customers with multiple payment options and better control the way you collect payment.

Become the easiest software to buy with an intuitive B2C-like checkout flow.

Link your pricing models to your product and provide customers with instant access to your software upon purchase.

Easily integrate with all your favorite software.

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