Never Sell Software The Old Way Again

Salesbricks is a better way to manage quote-to-cash for your enterprise, inside-sales, and self-service go-to-market motions.

I’m listening

Word of the day: Scalability

Design complex pricing in minutes not months

High-touch quote-to-cash processes creates friction. Streamline the final mile of sales and save millions of dollars in time.

Streamline payment collection

Reduce your back-office costs. Salesbricks creates, schedules, and send invoices. Make it easy for your customers to pay you.

Be easy to buy from

  • Product led

    Effortless integrations allows engineers to focus on building product and not customizing entitlements for every deal.

  • Sales assisted

    Accelerate sales-assisted transactions by sending customers URL-based quotes.

  • Sales led

    Design and share bespoke quotes for your enterprise customers. Manage customer subscriptions and usage-based commitments without having to use outdated CPQ systems.

Stop CPQ and spreadsheets from draining your business

Salesbricks designed subscription management to be a few clicks of a button.

Design extensible trials and proof-of-concepts that convert

Empower sales to customize trials, credits, and conversion quotes that help you win logos.

Simple to launch

We know you’re busy, we built salesbricks to be up and running in minutes. Sorry CPQ!